Body Sculpting

Ultrasonic, Radio Frequency, Vacuum and Wood Therapy

Head-to-toe BODY SCULPTING exclusively at SOBO Salons in Basel!

Using wood therapy, vacuum therapy (including BBL and Breast Lifting), ultra sound and radio frequency, our fully certified technician will help you burn fat, fight cellulite, tighten loose skin and get rid of that double chin and fine lines.

Each treatment will be tailored to your specific goals and individual needs.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a new non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal technique that helps eliminate stubborn fat pockets. There's no pain and no down-time... you can just continue to enjoy your day!

Radio Frequency tightens loose and saggy skin on your face and body, helping your body to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid naturally.

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We'll spend 15 - 30 minutes together discussing your health and beauty goals, then come up with an individual package to meet your needs.

Reduce lines and double chin

Facials include the opening of the pores, then using LED Photon Therapy (light therapy) to expand and contract the skin to strengthen the skin. In short, RED light promotes collagen to reduce wrinkles; BLUE calms the skin and fights acne; GREEN repairs skin and allergies; YELLOW adds energy to treat red spots and pigmentation; WHITE relaxes the skin and brings balance; TURQUOISE is a dual light that enhances the cell energy.

Accentuate your beautiful behind

To enhance your gorgeous behind, use a combination of the BBL Vacuum to add volume naturally. (We can even help surgery-gone-wrong). Whether you have a naturally voluptuous backside that needs to be sculpted to optimal position, or want to add more to your back door ... The Vacuum with Radio Frequency and the wooden therapy combined can made your dream butt a reality. (Breast lift, too!)

Combination Treatment - 1 Area

CHF 185 / 60 min

Laser Lipo Treatment- 1 zone

CHF 50 / 60 min

BBL Only

CHF 85 / 1h 15 min

Radio Frequency Face & Neck

CHF 155 / 60 min

Radio Frequency Facial

CHF 75 / 30 min

Brazilian Butt Lift & Anti-Cellulite Combo

CHF 185 / 60 min